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About us

Austropapier, the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry, has the responsibility of promoting and representing the interests of its members.

Originally created in 1872 as the Association of Austro-Hungarian Paper Manufacturers, todayís representative body called the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry was frequently restructured and renamed over the years (1919-1948). It is joined by the Trade Association of the Paper Industry, which was created in 1946 under the Economic Chamber Law. Since 1948 the two organisations have been jointly representing the interests of the Austrian paper industry.

Working Successfully for Our Members

Today the primary goal of the associationís activity is to ensure competitive business conditions for its 24 members. This activity is divided into the following areas:

European Representation

On the European level, Austropapier represents the interests of its members through its membership of and cooperation with the Confederation of the European Paper Industries. You will find the CEPIís Annual Report and Statistics here:

CEPI Annual Report and CEPI Annual Statistics Report

Value Chain

In the new cooperative platform FHP (Forest Wood Paper) the entire wood-processing industry, including the sawmill industry, is represented. 


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